no title ... poem written by Dennis Veen

Death smiles upon us all...

And it makes me feel good to know...

That he even smiles on you...

That he will never let you go


You hurt me more than you could know,

You made me feel so good, and wanted one more time

But you've pulled out your words

And ripped this heart of mine


MY chest is empty,

You've made it hollow..

I'm never gonna trust...

I'm never gonna follow

Something I don't have

Just don't care anymore,

What you say to me

You've made me empty again

Your job is done, just let me be.



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dag bloodyke leuk blogje,wens u een aangename dag,vele groetjesxxx

Gepost door: E-ZONNETJEC | 11-11-06

Carnival Peek into my soul, visit the theme park of nothingness.
Buy a ticket to ride the emotionless rollercoaster with no exciting twists and turns.
Buy a lottery ticket and make no chance to win any of the boring prices.
Visit the freak show of my soul and meet him, the man black to his core.
His eyes, his heart, even his blood blackened by nothingness.
Blackened by lack of inspiration and motivation as he looks upon the clowns that are building the circus.
Visit this circus and see the audience being turned into clowns by the magician dressed in black.
Visit the theme park of my soul, visit the circus if you dare,
But do not be afraid,
Because the freak knows we will all look like clowns in the end.

Gepost door: D. Bronowski | 23-12-07

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