My Own Mistakes Written by Michele Kumm received by mail 28/04/2005

My Own Mistakes

Im begging pleading
Waiting on my knees
Cant you see me
Im right here
Kneeling in front of you

My eyes are beginning to flood
With the tears of my mistakes
Cant you see me
The tears flooding down my pale cheeks
The pain seeping though my skin

Its almost as if
With out you I am lost
A coward on my own
Cant you see this
Im on my knees right in front of you
Just waiting for that moment

The moment where you will realize
That I am still here
Cant you see the pain
Caused by my own stupidity

I cant do this alone
I need you by my side once again
Cant you see my pleading
I would do anything
Just to once again
Hold value in your life

Too weak to stand
Too afraid to try this on my own
Cant you see that I need you
My fear is growing stronger
As my life is draining away

I need someone by my side
I sit here wishing that it was you
Cant you see that I would do anything
If only I had the strength
To fix my own mistakes

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