Loose, Shifting Ghost geschreven door AS Kline - Looking Back at Earth

 Loose, Shifting Ghost
At one end of Nature is rock, stone,
at the other end, Life.
At one end matter.
Mechanism at the other.
At one end a glory, light
from the galaxy, a flower,
from inside the petals of dust,
at the other end, Mind.

At one end is word,
at the other end, silence,
the sifting of sand over gravel.
At one end darkness, complexity,
driving at truth.
At the other is grace, truth,
laughing simplicity, mocking complexity.

At one end the drift,
the quiet, mindless ease.
At the other the lure,
to get, form, create,
in the sweat of the maker.
At one end, the adult, dying,
at the other, the child.
At one end power,
at the other, powerless love.

Climbing blue night,
on the mountain, madly,
at one end of Nature,
is light,
at the other is ground,
root of our being.
What is it this Mind
floats above, the loose,
shifting ghost?

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