Song of Fortune -- geschreven door GIBRAN KHALIL GIBRAN (1883 - 1931)


Man and I are sweethearts
He craves me and I long for him,
But alas!
Between us has appeared a rival who brings us misery.
She is cruel and demanding,
Possessing empty lure.
Her name is Substance.
She follows wherever we go
And watches like a sentinel,
Bringing restlessness to my lover.

I ask for my beloved in the forest,
Under the trees, by the lakes.
I cannot find him,
For Substance has spirited him to the clamorous city
And placed him on the throne
Of quaking, metal riches.

I call for him with the voice of knowledge
And the song of Wisdom.
He does not hearken,
For Substance has enticed him into the dungeon
Of selfishness, where avarice dwells.

I seek him in the field of Contentment,
But I am alone,
For my rival has imprisoned him ,
I the cave of gluttony and greed,
And locked him there
With painful chains of gold.

I call to him at dawn, when Nature smiles,
But he does not hear,
For excess has laden his drugged eyes with sick slumber.

I beguile him at eventide, when Silence rules
And the flowers sleep.
But he responds not,
For his fear over what the morrow will bring shadows his thoughts.

He yearns to love me;
He asks for me in this own acts.
But he will find me not except in God's acts.
He seeks me in the edifices of his glory
Which he has built upon the bones of others;
He whispers to me from among his heaps of gold and silver;
But he will find me only by coming to the house of Simplicity
Which God has built at the brink of the stream of affection.

He desires to kiss me before his coffers,
But his lips will never touch mine,
Except in the richness of the pure breeze.

He asks me to share with him his fabulous wealth,
But I will not forsake God's fortune;
I will not cast off my cloak of beauty.

He seeks deceit for medium;
I seek only the medium of his heart.
He bruises his heart in his narrow cell;
I would enrich his heart with all my love.

My beloved has learned how to shriek and cry for my enemy, Substance;
I would teach him how to shed tears of affection
And mercy from the eyes of his soul
For all things,
And utter sighs of contentment through those tears.

Man is my sweetheart;
I want to belong to him.


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hallo Bloodyke tof blogske heb je... ondanks je wat creepy naam heb ik hier wel mooie teksen gelezen.
en bedankt voor je bezoekje ;o)

Gepost door: MJ | 05-08-04

*** Thnx a lot MJ :)

Gepost door: Bloodyke | 06-08-04

Tiens... hier wordt geen gewag gemaakt van een BBQ!

Gepost door: MJ | 14-08-04

@ MJ hehehe, we hebben hem georganiseerd, hopend dat onze gasten een super leuke avond gehad hebben enneuh, in elk geval ik was zenuwachtig om ze te ontmoeten, maar ... k'vraag me nog altijd af waarom ik zenuwachtig was ... ze waren allemaal stuk voor stuk super leuke mensen. Spijtig dat je niet aanwezig was :(

Gepost door: Bloodyke | 16-08-04

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