Love geschreven door Charles Moss


When I was young and full of fire,
I thought that love was all desire.
But, as the years passed on in score,
I found that love is something more.

I found that love unlike desire,
Does not another there require.
It may be quietly shared alone,
Yet by the other never known.

I found that love in its purest form,
Makes no demands and is soft and warm.
It's something that belongs to me,
To give to you for eternity.

Charles Edwards Moss

Note from the author: "I wrote that for my wife."

* Note from Bloodyke :

If you like this poem, please take a look at

this site : " A little poets Archive". Thanks again

Charles MossandJocelyne. You're doing a great job.

If you want to copy this poem, please ask the permission

and don't do it like I did at first.


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Hello sunshine Hey my dearest Bloodyke,
twas weeral te lang geleden dat je van mij nog gehoord hebt dus daar moet ik snel iets aan doen hee.
Btw, scheelt er iets met de shoutboxen want ik krijg hem nergens meer deftig te zien of ligt dat aan mij? :)
Dikke warme knuffies en veel natte lebbers.

Gepost door: Pain | 09-01-04

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